( 3-17-01)


Official fined for late filing of repor

MIRAMAR -- Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman, who was sworn into office
Friday, is being fined $2,566.62 for not submitting his campaign treasury report
on time.
 Under state law, the report had to be either hand-delivered or postmarked by
March 9 to the city clerk's office.
 City Clerk Debra Walker said she notified in writing the five candidates vying for Seats 1 and 2. All but Salesman complied. Walker called Salesman on March 12 to remind him about the deadline. He dropped off the report the next day.
 Salesman said it was an oversight because Walker's notification letter got
buried "in junk mail and other pieces of mail."
 He said he will fight the fines but would pay if the Florida Elections Commission doesn't give him a break.
 "I intend to appeal it," he said. "It wasn't intentional."
 Walker initially told Salesman he would only have to pay $50 but on Thursday she notified him of the bigger fine.
 "I didn't catch it. That's the truth of the matter," Walker said. "I screwed up.
 It was an oversight."
 Salesman is the third and most recent
 Miramar politician to face election violation fines.
 Last month, the commission found probable cause to believe former
Commissioner Jim Cundiff violated election laws in March 1999, when he ran for the mayor's seat. Cundiff faces a $115,215 fine.The commission also found
basis for two of six campaign violation complaints against Dan Lewis, who was
Cundiff's campaign manager. He faces $2,000 fine.
 In an effort to fight those fines, both Cundiff and Lewis have requested formal
hearings from the commission.
 "I believe there is no probable cause.
 They will not find that I broke any law," Lewis said. "I think these laws on
technical infractions have to be revisited sometime. "Salesman took the oath of
office on Friday along with Steven Bogert, who retained his District 2 seat.
 On Wednesday, all five elected officials will choose a vice mayor to serve a
one-year term.

(source) Sun Sentinel ( Thomas Monnay ) 3-17-01