Miramar water pipes to get pressure checkup

MIRAMAR--The city pipes that bring residents their drinking water soon will receive a checkup to ensure they have proper pressure.

Wastewater pipes also will receive a check of their pressure and capacity. To examine the 300-plus miles of water mains throughout Miramar, the city has hired a firm to conduct a hydraulic computer analysis.

Using city water bills and other water flow data, a computer model will examine the demand for water at various times, including on an average and maximum daily basis, city records show.

City commissioners recently selected Montgomery Watson Harza Inc. to provide the engineering services to conduct the review. The firm will receive up to $87,357 for the work.

The model will show the capacity of the water plant as well as water lines that may need updating such as a size increase, said Vernon Hargray, an assistant city manager.

"It's like you're going to the doctor to get a checkup," Hargray said. "The heart is the same thing as the water plant. The large arteries are the water mains, and the smaller arteries are the small transmission lines."

Through the computer model, the company will simulate actual water system demands as well as the city's anticipated water system pressure needs, according to city records. To do this, the model will review pipelines ranging in width from 2 to 36 inches, pumping and storage facilities, fire hydrants, meters and more.

The company will then analyze residents' and firefighters' water pressure needs and will give the city a summary of proposed improvements to pipes and fire hydrants.

(source) Sun Sentinel (
Jodie Needle) 3-16-05