Miramar OKs 1,307 townhouses and apartments

MIRAMAR--The city recently took the initial steps toward building a fire station and 1,307 apartments and townhouses.

City commissioners approved rezoning about 100 acres just south of the Town Center to allow for four residential developments that will include condos, garden apartments and townhouses, which are proposed for the north side of Miramar Parkway, west of Red Road and east of Flamingo Road.

The land also will include a fire station, which will replace the one at Interstate 75 and 148th Avenue.

The site for the homes was previously zoned for rural uses. Commissioners voted to switch it to multifamily residential, which allows builders to construct up to 16 units an acre.

"This will be very complementary to what's going on in the city, particularly near the Town Center," said Wazir Ishmael, an assistant city manager. "There is still a long way to go in the process. This is one of the first steps."

The next step involves a review by Broward County officials where traffic and other concerns such as expanding Miramar Parkway could be addressed, said Ishmael, who oversees development services, planning, zoning, building and economic development.

To develop land in Miramar, property owners must typically dedicate to the city four acres per 1,000 people that the proposed development could add, or the cash equivalent.

In this case, owner Edmund N. Ansin of the Cleghorn Shoe Corp. donated about 2.5 acres for the fire station, which will cost about $2.5 million to construct.

Here is a breakdown of the tentative housing site plans: the Montclair community would feature 356 condos; Martinique, 191 townhouses; Alexan, 364 garden apartments and 156 townhouses; and Flamingo Cove, 240 garden apartments.

In recommending approval, city staff reports state that the development would add housing that "will be instrumental to the economic vitality and development of the `marketplace' character of the retail and office portions of the Town Center."

Ishmael added that the apartments, condos and townhouses will be a welcome addition to the city's many single-family houses.

"We've seen a lot of single-family homes," he said. "This gives us an opportunity to provide different types of housing."

(source) Sun Sentinel (Jodie Needle) 3-23-05