Self-storage site on agenda in Miramar

MIRAMAR--A self-storage business can come closer to fruition at tonight's City Commission meeting.
At a recent meeting, commissioners gave initial approval to rezoning of 2.29 acres that would allow the business at the southwest corner of Miramar Parkway and Dykes Road.

At tonight's meeting, commissioners are tentatively scheduled to again review the rezoning, which requires two approvals to proceed.

If approved, the self-storage business still would require site plan review and other city approvals, said Wazir Ishmael, an assistant city manager who oversees development services.
"This would give overall permission to allow the use," he said. "If you look at a map or property as an empty canvas ... this is very broad in terms of that canvas. We're still doing broad background strokes. We've not yet defined the scene."
The rezoning involves changing the vacant land from a rural zoning district to the B3 heavy business zoning district.

"B3 allows [self-storage businesses] as a conditional use, which gives city staff and commissioners the ability to put conditions on the use," he said.
The property owner, Warburg-Storage Mart Partners, L.P., has volunteered to restrict the property to a personal self-storage facility and limit ancillary uses to packaging and shipping services, city records show.

During a city Planning and Zoning Board meeting in February, a concern was raised about the proposed height of the 110,415-square-foot Storagemart, records show.
It is proposed to be four stories with the first two stories illuminated, Ishmael said. The height and other issues likely will be discussed at the site plan phase, records show.

Access to the property would be from Dykes Road, and any traffic concerns would be addressed in further review, such as with Broward County officials.
"These things are very low in traffic-generation rates," Ishmael said.


(source) Sun Sentinel (Jodie Needle) 4-06-05