Miramar opts for I-75 flyover rather than an interchange


MIRAMAR--Despite attempts from Pembroke Pines to sway them, Miramar city commissioners are taking a firm stance on their choice of a flyover rather than an interchange at Pembroke Road and Interstate 75.

Plans have been in place since 2002 to build a flyover to ease congestion at Pembroke Road as part of a $15 million state Department of Transportation project.


Recently, however, Pembroke Pines petitioned Miramar to support a full interchange to relieve congestion on Pines Boulevard and other east-west thoroughfares that lead to I-75.

On Wednesday night, however, Miramar city commissioners voted to stick with a flyover, but added they would review a comprehensive DOT study in the works to determine if changes are needed. The study could take up to two years.

"No one has convinced me that the interchange would be more beneficial than an overpass," said commissioner Marjorie Conlan. "The interchange will take up more room. It's more egregious and harder on residents."

But Pembroke Pines officials say added relief is needed to spread out traffic instead of having so many vehicles using a few roads.

Pembroke Pines City Manager Charles Dodge said, "Common sense tells you that if you have more opportunity for drivers to gain access to the interstate, they'll take advantage of it and there will be less traffic on both Pines Boulevard and Miramar Parkway, as well as local roads."

Frank Sacco, chief executive officer of Memorial Healthcare Systems, wrote a letter to Dodge endorsing a full interchange, saying it would provide critical emergency access to their new Miramar hospital, which is two miles from the Pembroke Road site.

But Miramar's commissioners say the DOT study would have to show there is a critical need for the interchange because the site is near homes and a school.

"No one has shown in black and white that the interchange alternative outweighs the needs of the residents," said Mayor Lori Moseley. "We brought up the subject and we chose to stay on course."

(source) Sun Sentinel (Georgia East) 5-05-05