Miramar works on special election to replace commissioner

MIRAMAR--City leaders want to "have a date set by the next commission meeting" for a special election to replace suspended commissioner Fitzroy Salesman, Mayor Lori Mosely said on Monday.

City officials were trying to finalize details with Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, who is away at a conference. The next commission meeting is scheduled for June 15.

Salesman was suspended by Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday after being charged with driving under the influence and eluding a police officer. Under Miramar's charter, the city must conduct a special election within 90 days.

But the person who wins the post would have to leave if Salesman is found not guilty and is reinstated.

Some of the candidates in March city election say they have plans to run again.

"I never dreamed anything like this would happen, especially not so close to the last election," said Sallie Stephens, who said there was a good chance she would seek the seat.

John Moore said he would definitely run again and Alex Casas said he was seriously considering it.

Jean Marcellus, who lost in March, said he had no plans to run but he would support any candidate Salesman endorses.

"I'll support the person who shares the ideas that he's fighting for," Marcellus said.

Miramar police arrested Salesman, 48, on April 30, not far from his house and charged him with DUI, speeding, and running two stop signs. Salesman has said he is confident he will be exonerated and regain his seat.

(source) Sun Sentinel (Georgia East) 6-07-05