1-04-04  New Miramar firm to add 200 jobs

1-07-04  Miramar outreach center to open this month

1-09-04  New hospital `tops out' in Miramar

1-09-04  Miramar fitness facilities shape up

1-10-04  Miramar family's daughter stricken by mad cow disease

1-11-04  Work to affect Miramar Blvd. traffic

1-14-04  Miramar alters code enforcement job

1-16-04  New Broward park to open in eastern Miramar

1-18-04  Miramar Town Center in new phase

1-21-04  Miramar Boulevard to be widened to four lanes

1-25-04  Miramar tries to preserve tree canopy

1-28-04  Miramar offering tours of new wastewater facility

2-04-04  Miramar Fire-Rescue goes high-tech with ambulances

2-06-04  Sock hop to benefit Miramar PAL

2-08-04  Snake Warrior's Island is naturally historic

2-08-04  Miramar City Manager praised with paycheck perk

2-13-04  Used cars eligible for free drug inspections in Miramar

2-13-04  Annual event in Miramar reflects on black culture, traditions

2-18-04  Residents hope wall goes up along Turtle Bay development on Miramar Blvd.

2-22-04  Miramar, schools eye deal

2-24-04  2 arrested at Miramar High after stabbing during fight

2-25-04  Miramar High teen stabbed during fight in gym class

2-27-04  Miramar festival offered culturally enriching experience

2-29-04  Hazardous waste collection nets large turnout in Miramar

2-29-04  Study targets Miramar's golf course

3-03-04  Students get job guidance on working for Miramar

3-05-04  Miramar's Reflections in the Park highlights cultural connections

3-07-04  Miramar won't rush charter review

3-10-04  Banquet hall getting a face lift with $50,000 from Miramar

3-12-04  Miramar seniors gain disaster preparedness kits from settlement

3-14-04  Miramar businesses need to be compatible with their neighbors

3-17-04  Miramar requiring impact fee payments before permits are issued

3-19-04  Miramar offers variety of services to help city's seniors

3-24-04  Miramar hires former pro basketball player for sports job

3-28-04  Miramar to regulate dangerous canines

3-31-04  Miramar puts plan in motion on sharing fire-rescue information with county

4-04-04  Traffic concerns delay Miramar school plans

4-07-04  Miramar to educate on guns

4-11-04  Pact awarded for Miramar regional park

4-14-04  $24,000 in seized funds go to Miramar schools

4-16-04  Miramar child centers win Gold Seals of Excellence

4-21-04  Miramar landscaping plan gets initial OK

4-23-04  Football clinic set for Miramar kids

4-25-04  Miramar creates fire assessment fee

4-28-04  Medians on Red Road get fresh landscaping in Miramar

4-30-04  Miramar residents appeal to city over unfinished roads

4-30-04  Miramar plans 49th birthday bash

5-02-04  Miramar increases parks impact fee

5-05-04  Ex-youth counselor from Miramar found guilty of sexual battery

5-05-04  Hundreds turn out for Miramar job fair

5-07-04  Miramar Day attracts thousands of participants, spectators

5-08-04  Miramar school plan could free community clubhouse

5-14-04  Miramar residents mark Day of Prayer

5-16-04  Miramar passes fiscal checkup

5-19-04  Miramar set to weigh FPL substation plan tonight

5-19-04  Miramar gets $665,884 to help low-income families with housing

5-20-04  Miramar reverses denial of FPL electrical substation

5-21-04  Miramar school locked down as police hunt gunman

5-21-04  Miramar center plays host to events on race unit, helping seniors

5-23-04  Miramar charter school's plan delayed until deal reached

5-27-04  Miramar mother denies U.S. charge that her son is tied to al-Qaida

5-28-04  Optimist Club lands coveted award

5-28-04  Mentoring program pairs kids to make reading fun

5-30-04  Miramar events unite residents on Day of Prayer

5-30-04  Miramar teen learns the ropes politically

6-02-04  Miramar residents face rising fees for services

6-02-04  Miramar promotes harmony with Race Unity Day

6-08-04  Lightning knocks 2 construction workers off roof in Miramar

6-09-04  Miramar landscaping and signage projects lose out in bids for grants

6-10-04  Miramar firefighters chased out of station by mold

6-11-04  Miramar growth pumps up gas revenue for city

6-22-04  Miramar mother faces charges after boy, 3, is left alone

6-23-04  County supports park project in eastern Miramar

6-24-04  County testing material used as filler in Miramar

7-01-04  Soil tests show elevated arsenic levels at Miramar community

7-06-04  Husband investigated in stabbing death of wife at Miramar home

7-07-04  Miramar woman fatally stabbed, husband injured in dispute

7-07-04  Miramar OKs grant program budget

7-09-04  Miramar residents sue over new FPL substation

7-11-04  Miramar OKs pension plan changes

7-14-04  Work nears finish on Douglas Road

7-21-04  Radio Miramar set to ride the air waves

8-01-04  Miramar increases water, sewer rates

8-11-04  Miramar will spruce up Red Road

8-13-04  Sports teams to leave Miramar fields in dark

8-14-04  Miramar to begin city hall move

8-24-04  Miramar's population tops 100,000, state agrees

8-25-04  Miramar approves face lift for commercial building

8-26-04  Miami pair held in murder-robbery at Miramar gas station

8-27-04  Miramar changes phone procedures at new City Hall

8-29-04  Miramar division chief completes grueling fire program

9-01-04  Miramar set to decide on sewage treatment

9-01-04  Dump truck driver killed in turnpike crash in Miramar

9-05-04  Miramar's fire fee waived for some

9-13-04  Drainage project ends in Miramar neighborhood, residents' annoyance remains

9-15-04  Miramar, Broward agree on once-a-year pickup of hazardous waste

9-17-04  Livestock or pet? Pot-bellied pig that 'acts like a dog' is targeted by Miramar

9-19-04  Festivals to feature taste of the Caribbean, hurricane relief

9-19-04  Miramar residents upset over traffic

9-22-04  Funding sought in Miramar for community policing

9-26-04  Miramar adopts budget increase

10-01-04  Miramar program improves hurricane response

10-01-04  Miramar employee grows with city

10-03-04  Miramar, residents feud over fence

10-03-04  Miramar to focus on fire safety at station Open House

10-10-04  Miramar park gains two state grants

10-13-04  Memorial Hospital Miramar aims to fill 600 jobs

10-15-04  Miramar PAL project nets $100,000 pledge

10-17-04  Miramar lends hand to job hunters

10-20-04  Road project pushes in Pembroke Pines and Miramar

10-22-04  Three years later, buyers still waiting to move into Miramar townhomes

10-24-04  Miramar approves private school plan

10-27-04  Job fair for Memorial Hospital Miramar attracts 5,600 people

11-08-04  For townhouse community buyers, it's home, sweet home at last

11-10-04  Miramar resolves incentive problem

11-12-04  Miramar park plans in play for 2005

11-17-04  Businesses working on `curb appeal' in Miramar

11-18-04  Robberies create glitch in Miramar High laptop computer plan

11-18-04  Former assistant police chief in Miramar loses appeal on wrongful-firing lawsuit

11-19-04  Laptop robbers plague Miramar High students, despite police pressure

11-19-04  Municipal radio station for Miramar to flip the switch soon

11-21-04  Police to get 4 new vehicles

11-21-04  Twice delayed, CaribeFest 2004 was worth the wait

11-28-04  Miramar OKs gas station

12-01-04  Walgreens site plan gains OK in Miramar

12-05-04  Miramar increases ambulance fees

12-08-04  Drag racing ruled out in Miramar crash death of teen

12-12-04  PAL grant on new course

12-17-04  Artists beautify area in new regional park in Miramar

12-18-04  Teen driver plows into real estate office in Miramar

12-19-04  Miramar teacher faces sex abuse charges

12-19-04  Miramar vehicle tab tops $630,000

12-26-04  Lack of parts delay Miramar project

12-29-04  Miramar OKs sewage plant overhaul

12-31-04 Teen hid her siblings as men broke in

12-31-04 A mom's proud legacy



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